Saturday, October 27, 2012

[Swatch & Review] essence the twilight saga breaking dawn part 2 nail polishes

Hey guys!

Wow, what a title! Let's get right into swatches, shall we?

Jacob's Protection

Two coats plus top coat, easy application. MY GOD YOU GUYS. I can't even tell you how much is going on in this polish. It's A-MA-ZING! It has green, pink and golden as well as mostly blue fine glitter in a dark (sheer) base. I wish I had had sunlight because these photos are seriously not doing this polish any justice at all.

Alice Had A Vision - Again

Two coats plus top coat, easy application. Once again, OMG. This has quite a bit going on as well. A little bit of green and lots of purple fine glitter in a purple-tinted sheer base. Quite befitting for Alice in my opinion. It's much more beautiful in real life.

A Piece Of Forever

One coat, easy application. I'm a bit weirded out by this being such a boring shade as opposed to the three amazing glittery polishes. I think it doesn't really fit the concept, but well. I may be biased since I don't really care for gold.

Edward's Love

Two coats plus top coat, easy application. This is very dense, the glitter seems to be sort of flaky, not really just round glitter; it has gold, green and a teeny bit of pink. This is so dense that you hardly notice the black and quite sheer base.

I'm not gonna lie, I bought two of all of them, except for A Piece Of Forever. If I get the chance I will photograph these again at some point, in blaring sunlight. They deserve it. I'm really quite blown away you guys! If you have the chance, definitely check them out. I think my favorite is Jacob's Protection, but Edward's Love is a total runner-up. How... befitting? Ironic? I actually thought I'd like Alice Had A Vision - Again best, simply because I'm such a sucker for purple, but I simply find the other two aforementioned ones more amazing. Which is your favorite? Did you read the books or see the movies?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Yves Rocher Christmas 2012 items - my picks

Hey guys!

I recently ordered some items from Yves Rocher that are clearly Christmas-themed - above all, the packaging gives it away ;) So here they are...

"Pomme Délice/Apple Delight" shower gel

I think this smells slightly of apple, but not like a real apple; it's not overly artificial either, though. I really like it. There is also an eau de toilette and a few other items with the same scent.

"Or scintillant" nail polish

You wouldn't necessarily think so, but this is a flakie polish! The name "Or scintillant" is quite befitting, as it is a sparkly gold. It looks really nice in my opinion. My only complaint is that this bottle is oh-so tiny - 3 ml/0.1 fl oz!

Perles de teint/Illuminating pearls highlighter

This is quite pretty, though the plastic packaging does make it a little cheap-looking. It reminds me a little bit of the Guerlain Météorites Perles. Those 1. are far more expensive, 2. are much more nicely packaged, 3. are not as heavy on the yellow and 4. come in a wider selection of colors. Anyway, another thing worth noting is that this is scented. I think it might be a floral type of scent. It's not very strong unless you sniff the pearls directly - I just noticed it when I opened the packaging.

Will you be trying any of these items or something else from the Christmas range?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

[Swatches] wet n wild - Night Prowl

Hey guys!

I met up with a friend yesterday and that also gave me the opportunity to shop for some wet n wild items. I only got two colors, the rest didn't seem very appealing. Anyway, here we go.

Two coats. It could've used a third for better opacity, but well. I think it's easier to layer it over black, one coat should then be sufficient. I needed three coats of top coat to make this even on the surface; I have to say that the first two coats were of a top coat with rather runny formula, so I guess you won't need as many coats if you use a thicker top coat right away.
This reminds me of Deborah Lippman's "Bad Romance" and the corresponding Revlon dupe whose name I can't remember... Of course it's not really similar in detail but it has the same color scheme of black with violet glitter. I like this. I guess it would look really nice in the sun, but there was none at all today :(

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

[Haul] Glamour Shopping Week purchases from Douglas, The Body Shop and Clinique

Hey guys!

Here it finally is, the haul I promised! Let's get right into it...


NYX nail polishes Under the Moon, Frizzy Spots, Enchanted Forest

NYX nail polishes Dreamy Glitter, Dorothy, Grand Royal

I love... peaches & cream lipgloss

The Body Shop

Mango and Vineyard Peach shower gels (they smell heavenly!)

miniature/travel size body lotions
Madagascan Vanilla Flower, Atlas Mountain Rose
Japanese Cherry Blossom, Amazonian Lily, Indian Night Jasmine

Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator


Limited Edition "pink with a purpose" set

the little case

the Chubby Stick called "plumped up pink" (this is a full size!)

I couldn't really apply the Shopping Week code for my Clinique purchase because it was limited to some specific products, but it doesn't matter. I'm really happy with my new stuff ^_^v

Sunday, October 14, 2012

[Tag] essie

Hey guys!

Since I didn't get any more parcels this week, the haul post has to wait for a bit longer. In the meantime I will do this fun tag about essie nail polish. Marina did it a few days ago and tagged everyone who'd like to do it as well, so here we go!

How many essie polishes do you have and why?
I currently own 37 color polishes by essie. I like their colors and the brush is pretty much perfect for my nails.

Which polish is your newest and why specifically this one?
The last one I bought is head mistress from the stylenomics fall collection. I thought it was a really nice red that I felt I could wear. I usually shy away from red polishes because I think they don't look flattering on me at all, but this one won me over.

Do you also have top coats, base coats and other accessories by essie?
Yes! I have good to go, rock solid and matte about you.

Which are your 3 favorite polishes and why?
Watermelon, because it made me fall in love with pinks.
Mint Candy Apple, because it was a lemming of mine for some time.
Bikini So Teeny, because I love the cross between blue and purple (and the shimmer, although it likes to hide).

Do you have your eye on a polish that you will buy soon?
At the moment, no.

Which color or which finish do you think essie is lacking?
I've never seen magnetic or holo polishes with essie, but it's not like I miss those; in fact, I don't really care that much for holos or magnetic polish. I'd love some nice colored jellies, though, like green and blue.

Here's a peek at my collection (minus top and base coats).

Saturday, October 13, 2012

NYX - Frizzy Spots (over P2 - elegant dressed)

Hey guys!

I recently ordered some NYX polishes, among them Frizzy Spots. I thought it made a nice addition to elegant dressed, which you saw in my last post. See for yourself!

The base is a black jelly. It's of a thick consistency, but I think that makes application easier rather than more difficult. I applied one or two coats, depending on how much of the big hexagonal glitter I could get on the nail with the first coat.

I really like this, but I think I preferred it the way I wore it on Friday - on one nail only, as accent. What do you think?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

P2 - elegant dressed

Hey guys!

Just a quick post with the polish I wore today and am gonna wear still tomorrow. It's from P2's current "Vintage Glamour" Limited Edition.

Two coats. It looked horrible on the first coat but smoothed out okay on the second. I guess it's better to apply the coats a little thicker with this polish. It doesn't look like much just looking at it in the bottle, but it can be more blue, a bit purple, more grey or more taupe depending on the light you're in. That really surprised me, and positively! The name kinda makes me cringe a little, but whatever.

Later this week I hope I will have all my little parcels and I'll do a haul post :D So I'm excited for that and hope you look forward to it as well ^_^v

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

[Swatches] P2 - midnight romance with uma cosmetics - spectacular

Hey guys!

I didn't want to wait too long to post again, so today we have a quick swatch of a wonderful P2 polish and a nice uma cosmetics glitter on top :) Sadly no sun this time, so I had to use flash.

P2 - midnight romance

Two coats because I have no dexterity whatsoever. No top coat. Don't you love the shimmer?

with uma cosmetics - spectacular

One coat. You can't really see this, but it has blue, pink and green fine glitter. It looks very nice in sunlight and sufficiently subtle in low light.

I would really like to wear this some time soon, however, it's not really appropriate for work in my opinion, so I have to wait for the weekend. What do you think about these two?

Friday, October 5, 2012

Green polishes for Depression Awareness

Hey guys!

It's not only Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but also Depression Awareness Month. In fact, Scrangie inspired me to post some green polishes for this cause! I don't have a lot of green polishes, but I was able to pick some very nice shimmers. So here we go.

misslyn leguan

Catrice Cosmetics Virgin Forest

Illamasqua Viridian

I apologize for the ragged look of my hands... They are getting really really dry again already although it hasn't even gotten seriously cold yet :/

See you soon ^_^/

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pink Polishes for Breast Cancer Awareness

Hey guys!

I realized I have a lot more pink polishes than I thought I would ever have. Somehow I have accumulated masses of them in the last months... Here we go with three of them! I decided to use non-creme ones to mix things up a bit. All swatches are with top coat.

Essence mashed berries from the Fruity Trend Edition, two coats.

Max Factor Sunny Pink, four coats.

Manhattan Metalix, one coat.

What do you think of these?

October 3rd - German Unification Day mani

Hey guys!

Long time no see! Sorry I've been away for over a week. We just started renovating our bedroom and the weather was quite bad, so no sun or much light at all to photograph anything. Anyway, today is October 3rd, which means it's German Unification Day!
Today, 22 years ago, the final documents sealing the reunification of the two German states were signed, so October 3rd became our national holiday. The Berlin Wall actually came down in 1989 already, on November 9th. However, since there are some historical events associated with November 9th (and one especially that nobody would ever wanna celebrate), it was decided not to make that day the national holiday.
To date, there are many mixed feelings about the reunification; I personally think it's amazing. The whole process of how the people in East Germany overcame the regime and could finally reunite with friends and family in the west is just... it actually makes me cry, especially the footage of people climbing over the wall, destroying it with whatever they had at hand, hugging their relatives and friends and - it's just a really historical moment. Enough about that now, on to the mani ^_^

black: essence - black is back (1 - 2 coats); red: essie - head mistress (2 coats); gold: Catrice - Oh My Goldness! (2 coats); glitter: China Glaze - Electrify (1 - 2 coats); all with top coat

I thought taking the colors of the German flag was simple enough but still nice ^_^ I would have used black plus Electrify on all fingers, but Electrify is a bit too opaque a glitter for the black to really show through well enough, so I discarded the idea. I would recommend two coats of top coat for Electrify as it's still a bit gritty with only one.

I'm now gonna take this off and come back later with some pinks! ^_^