Sunday, July 31, 2016

ILNP - Supernova (Wir lackieren...)

Hey everyone,

Do you remember when I said we were gonna finish off the series with a bang this month? I'll give you a second. Am I not the wittiest person ever?

I applied one coat over black, no swirling needed, and finished with top coat. Look at that gorgeous shift! Just so pretty. Will I ever get over flakies, especially multichrome ones? I don't know, but right now I don't think so.

Now I have a bit of a confession to make here: I have one more ILNP polish, Overnight Bag. However, due to the storage situation of my nail polishes, I don't have it to show you here. There are just too many boxes that it could be in and I didn't want to rummage through all of them to find that one polish, not just because it would be a lot of work but also because I would probably break a nail or two in the process. So sorry about that, but there are a ton of swatches out there; if you really want to see it from me I'll do my best to fulfill that request at some point, but I don't think anyone does.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

ILNP - Kings & Queens (Wir lackieren...)

Hey everyone,

30 Seconds to Mars, anyone?

I used two coats here and added top coat. You might end up needing three. In any case, it's bright and fun and somehow I think it fits the song.

ILNP - Ski Lodge (Wir lackieren...)

Hello everyone,

We're on the home stretch now, and we're gonna finish off with a bang (not literally, but you'll see what I mean) tomorrow. Before that, though, I have two more pretties to show you today.

You see it at four coats and top coat here. I wore it at three, but wasn't quite convinced by the coverage, so I added one more coat.

Friday, July 29, 2016

ILNP - Maiden Lane (Wir lackieren...)

Hello everyone,

This one surprised me when I swatched it, and positively at that!

Another three-coater with top coat here, but so ding-dang worth it. Look at that color! The slight blue tint makes this all the more interesting to me - I might have to wear it again soon.

ILNP - Dream Girl (Wir lackieren...)

Hey everyone,

This is another slightly "out of character" choice of shade for me, though I did recently say that I have fallen more and more in love with pinks as time went on.

I have three coats and top coat on here; you might be able to make out some visible nail line, but it was fine enough for me. The very light rose color gives this a quite delicate look, don't you think?

Thursday, July 28, 2016

ILNP - Lulu (Wir lackieren...)

Hello everyone,

You may have noticed that a lot of the polishes I've shown you from ILNP so far are purple or blue, or a mixture of purple with something else. Well, I suppose I can't deny how much I love purple! Here's another lovely specimen.

Shown here in three coats with top coat. You might be able to get it to your desired opacity in two coats.
I adore this shade, it's so rich and simply gorgeous.

ILNP - Pretty Little Liar (Wir lackieren...)

Hey everyone,

I have a real jelly jewel for you today! It looks like holo jam.

Here's three coats and top coat. It might be fine at two. I think this could also lend itself well to some interesting layerings.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

ILNP - Mountain View (Wir lackieren...)

Hey everyone,

We're continuing with a dark color that always makes me think of far-off mountain ranges, deep conifer forests, cold rivers with incredibly clear water and log cabins with cozy fireplaces.

Three coats and top coat here, and once again, I found this to be quite sheer (probably most noticeable on my pinky nail). The bronze flakies add an interesting spin to this.

ILNP - Top Down (Wir lackieren...)

Hello everyone,

I feel like silver is a very classic shade for holographic polishes, and most companies who first venture into super sparkle rainbow territory bring out a silver as one of the first colors.

This is three coats and top coat, and as you can see on my pointer finger nail (and a bit on the others as well), my nail line was still visible. I don't mind that terribly, but I have to say that the polish is quite sheer. I made a note that you might want to add more coats, but really, I'm not sure it would make you happy - perhaps using a base would be a better choice.

essence "Hidden Stories" - Enter Wonderland (Lacke in Farbe ...und bunt!)

Hi everyone,

I've been trying to get more current photos up on this blog lately, which I hope you noticed. For today, though... are you ready for another throwback? What do you mean "no"? Well, this is awkward.

I'm going to assume this is three coats, just because it's pastel and matt. Therefore, no top coat here. I already showed Where Did I Park My Unicorn? and Rose In Wonderland from the same limited edition.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

ILNP - Walking Home (Wir lackieren...)

Hey everyone,

I have a bit of a confession for y'all. I photographed a ton of these polishes last weekend, and when I transferred them to my computer, well... I had a hard time telling them apart. So these should be correct, but a tiny part of me is still unsure.

I applied two coats and top coat. A third might not have hurt. The color is very beautiful in any case.

ILNP - Mona Lisa (Wir lackieren...)

Hi everyone,

I think most people's first thought when they hear "Mona Lisa" is the famous painting, and while I seem to fail at seeing any connecting points between the two things, this is still a nice polish. Can you tell I'm trying really hard to find something to say for these introductions?

I used three coats and top coat here. This polish is really sheer and while it's fine enough at three coats, I did make a note that it might benefit from more.

Monday, July 25, 2016

ILNP - Honor Roll (Wir lackieren...)

Hello everyone,

I actually had this on my wishlist for a little while since I didn't get the chance to pick it up when it was first available, but luckily it came back and I crossed it off my list.

I used three coats and top coat, but you might only need two. I found that usually I have an easier time getting my short nails covered in less coats, so that's also a factor.

ILNP - Gaia (Wir lackieren...)

Hey everyone,

While ILNP is probably known best for their holographics, they also have, or at least had, some very pretty flakie toppers in their repertoire, one of which I'm showing here. One more to come soon!

I used one coat over black and finished with top coat. Look at that gorgeous shift!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

ILNP - After Midnight (Wir lackieren...)

Hi everyone,

Here's post number three for today, and we're looking at another beauty!

This is three coats and top coat. Apart from the holographic, there's also some gold flakes in here which makes things a bit more interesting. I wouldn't mind the blue base shade being a bit darker, but it's fine as is.

ILNP - Homecoming (Wir lackieren...)

Hey everyone,

Some more catching up today, sorry if things are getting a bit overwhelming.

I used two coats, you might need three. Of course I also added top coat. I feel like this is a very interesting shade of purple - dark and with a golden glow to it.

L'Oréal "Glitter Fever" top coats

Hey everyone,

Now that I've spent about fifteen minutes trying to find out the name of this collection we can finally start writing up this blogpost! I actually picked these up a while ago already, but wasn't sure how interested anyone would be in these. In any case, here we are. I put these over the essence bloggers' beauty secrets polishes and didn't have any problems I can recall with getting a good amount of glitter out. I applied top coat on all of these swatches.

Ballet (over Be Happy + Smile)

Flamenco (over All Eyes On Me)

Bollywood (over Hello Beautiful!)


over Shine Bright

And for good measure, over white.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

ILNP - First Class (Wir lackieren...)

Hello everyone,

This is one of my more unusual purchases, and even though I don't dislike it, exactly, I'm not sure I really love it, either. It might be because of the metallic flakes mixed with holographic, I suppose it kinda confuses me.

I once again slacked on the blogging front and didn't jot down the number of coats, so once again I'm going to go for either two or three, possibly more towards three. As usual, I added top coat.

ILNP - Diablo (Wir lackieren...)

Hello everyone,

Now I don't know if this polish has anything to do with the game Diablo (which, yes, I've played Diablo III before, but haven't in quite a long time), but it sure is pretty much the first thing that comes to my mind whenever I think of this polish.

Hey, look, I got my crap together for once! Three coats and top coat here. I effed up a little on the latter on my middle finger nail, but yeah, it worked out.

Friday, July 22, 2016

ILNP - My Private Rainbow (X) (over essie - loot the booty; Blue Friday + Wir lackieren...)

Hello everyone,

Having been slightly disappointed (unfulfilled expectations being the reason more than anything) by the look of essie's loot the booty by itself I decided to put My Private Rainbow (X) over it, and what can I say? I don't even wanna take this off.

One coat of this topper is enough to add that gorgeous sparkle. It's quite subtle to me, but we haven't had a ton of sun since I put this on, so it probably is a bit more out there in sunlight. Of course I added top coat - can't pass on that extra shine! And the fast-drying properties, obviously.

p2 "dive into Beauty" nail polishes

Hi everyone,

Today I'm sharing another p2 limited edition with you, this time it's ocean-themed.

ocean breeze

As you can see I tried this by itself (three coats) and over black (one coat), and I definitely prefer the latter, as I believe the former will never give an opaque finish. However, I also have to say that if you apply it over black, try not go over the same spot twice as it will look very patchy and uneven; in the photo you actually see my second try, for which I applied ocean breeze very carefully, because the first try just looked bad. As usual, I added top coat.

lilac jellyfish

Here I used three coats and top coat, and this polish could benefit from a fourth coat. I was fine with three.

coral bay

This one is less sheer than the others and I applied only two coats, plus top coat. You might need three.

emerald sea

Another three-coater here, and you might end up using four. Shown with top coat.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

ILNP - Poetry (Wir lackieren...)

Hey everyone,

Even though I'm not going nearly as hardcore as I did in March, I still wanted to participate in this series again. Well, now we're at just about the tail end of July, and I still haven't gotten out any posts relating to it. So it's time to play catch up again... I'm so professional. Then again, this isn't my job, so it's not that big of a deal, I guess.

Because I'm even worse of a slacker than we all already know I am, I forgot to note how many coats I used here. From experience, though, I think it must have been either two or three. I do remember using top coat, though - that's something, right? If you see some imperfections, especially on my pink nail, don't worry, I had to patch up there because I took this photo after having worn this mani for a bit already. Oh my, how I love this one...

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

trend IT UP "Nomadic Elegance" - 030 (Lacke in Farbe ...und bunt!)

Hey everyone,

I had a hard time figuring out what to post today, and in the end I just went for this because the more I thought about what the perfect copper color is, the less I knew what I was even looking for.

This is pigmented, y'all. Wow. Two coats and top coat here, if you use thicker coats it might cover in one. I am quite aware this is a very orange and a bit darker tone than one might generally associate with copper; however, my two other options seemed too rosegold or gold in comparison to what I was picturing in my mind. I was confused, okay?

Monday, July 18, 2016

RdeL Young "Beach Love" nail polishes [PR sample]

Hey everyone,

Last week on Friday I found a quite special little package on my doorstep. Now, let me preface this post by saying that before I received these polishes as PR, I had already bought the full set as well as backups of my favorites. I do not get any form of compensation to talk about these products, however, I did receive them for free. As usual, you can simply get in touch with me should you have any questions concerning transparency, PR samples and the like - my e-mail address is in the "Impressum" tab, and comments are always a possibility for questions, of course. Now that we've got that out of the way, let's see this whole thing, shall we?

Now I have to say that, while I'm grateful to have received this package from Rossmann (which RdeL and RdeL Young are exclusive to, as far as I know), it came quite a bit after I had already been able to purchase the collection in store, and at this point the displays are probably mostly picked over or empty. As I said, I'm grateful for the free products, I do however think sending PR samples out early so that reviews and pictures can go up just around the launch date of a collection - or a bit before that - would have a bigger impact. Just my two cents on that.


Since I was suspecting that this would be a bit sheer, I decided to put down a white base on my ring and pinky finger nails for comparison's sake. I used one coat of Tahiti over white, and three coats of it by itself. Top coat was added, as (almost) always. I swirled the brush around to get more glitter, I'm not sure it's strictly necessary, though.


Three coats plus top coat. Not loving neither the bar glitter nor the base color, but not hating it either.


Three coats and top coat. Does this remind anyone else of strawberry ice cream?

Saint Tropez

Three coats and top coat. I think you would be better off layering this as well.

St. Barth

Three coats plus top coat. I would like this more if it had, for example, round glitter instead of bar glitter. As it is I don't hate it, which is probably thanks to the base color appealing to me.


I used white as a base and added one coat of the topper, swirling a lot to get more glitter, and letting the base drip off the brush before application. Of course I added top coat as well. It looks quite nice, but I would prefer it less base-heavy.


I can't say much about this, as it's actually quite the same as Acapulco. You might be able to tell, however, that I had more trouble getting glitter out of this one than I had with Acapulco.

Bora Bora

Another three-coater which I added top coat to. For some reason the bar glitter doesn't bother me as much here - maybe because it's more tone-in-tone with the base. Not that I usually find bar glitter all that bothersome, but I don't really love it (if you couldn't tell).


Three coats plus top coat. Not bad, not my favorite.


Now this is one of my highlights from the collection. Again, it would probably be better to layer this over a base color; I used three coats and top coat here.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

essence "the Beach house" nail polishes

Hello everyone,

As usual essence is pumping out one limited edition after another, so here I am with a current one.

Beachy Keen

I applied three coats and tried to be especially diligent with the last one, so that it would leave a smooth surface. Top coat also helped, I suppose.

A Summer Kinda Girl

The formula on this one is pretty much the same as with Beachy Keen - three coats, be diligent with the final one. You might notice that the color is weirdly yellowish in some places; this is caused by the top coat. I initially thought that my "swatching top coat" (which is a mixture of all top coats I don't like to use for actual manis, this way I can still use them up) had finally gotten too yellow and weird to use, so I redid the swatch with HK Girl (my top coat of choice) and it was the same. I don't know why this happened.

Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses

A textured polish! Another three-coater here, with no top coat.

And with top coat because I can hardly ever resist trying texture polishes both ways. The sparkle stands out better, but still isn't very well visible, which is probably due to a lack of contrast between silver and white.

Splish Splash

The final three-coater is this pretty blue shade that dries matte, but of course...

...I tried it with top coat as well.